For us who want to live the victorious and glorious life that Christ Jesus has freely given us, it matters, not only those to whom we listen, but more with those we share our deeper concerns and secrets with. When you, as a child of God, find yourself in some sort of difficulty, who do you go to first. many discuss all their hurts, fears, plans and mega decisions with everyone else, not feeling or imagining the insult it is unto God to put him after anything else. Oh! How grievous it is to relegate the source of your Life to a position other than first.

The Bible advises us to be followers of them who through patience and faith, receive the promises (Heb 6). so let’s give some attention to the great Apostle Paul’s thoughts about the subject under discussion.
But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace, to reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood. Galatians 1:15-16. Here, Paul is talking and explaining what things he did and what processes he had been through after having received his call for ministry. He says, ”i conferred not with flesh and blood.” the point to note here is the fact that, Christians have a source of the LIFE they now live. therefore, anything relating to the development of the Christian’s supernatural life has to have its source from God Himself.

Too many Christians listen and share their vital issues with the wrong folks. Becoming too talkative, the often times become more gullible than ever.They cause the plan of God sometimes to delay or fail to express itself at all. such people then tend to blame God for all the things that aren’t going on right in their lives as they envisaged, forgetting they have been with so many others all the while that God Almighty was left out in the ‘quite places’.

When the Apostle received the call to ministry, he didn’t consult any individual to ask for further explanation of ministry work, the challenges involved or any such thing. Paul gave no attention to what the people had to say. When he knew what God wanted him to do he didn’t then go ask people what they thought about it. When you’ve heard from God you don’t need to find out what your friends and family thinks about it. You just need to do it. when there is an issue at hand, it matters that you make the sources of your life aware first, ever before anything else.

It is vitally important that we make God the most important personality in our lives, instead of friends, family or some demoniac prophet somewhere. When you know that you know that you heard from God, you don’t need a sign. You don’t need to say, “Give me a sign Lord. Let a rooster cock-a-doodle-doo at midnight and I’ll know it’s your will.” God doesn’t lead you by signs; He leads you by His Spirit. I am saying this because, i have been with many different kinds of Christian folks who ask God for some funny kinda sign before they propose to a lady, choose the school they would attend, or where to work. God is a Spirit, so if he would communicate to you, it’s got to be by Spirit and the Word, not signs and rainbows etc.(John 4:23). When you pray daily, you will hear Him speaking to you.Each time i pray, i hear Him talk to me… yours can’t be any different, for we all have fellowship by the same Holy Ghost.

Some folks don’t pray until the emergency shows up. Now, I’m saying this jokingly, but I almost believe that when God hears certain voices praying, He says, “I haven’t heard that voice in five years. They must be in trouble again.” Since I’m on this point, there are also folks who don’t go to church until things go wrong. God is not a toy to play with. I sometimes wonder how some folks view god.He’s not God-in-the-Box, where you wind Him up when you want to and out He jumps. God expects you to live for him with your whole life. He expects you to come before Him in prayer – all the time – daily, so that you can know that you know that you have His direction.(Luke 18:1)

What you need is the Word and to follow the Holy Ghost. Paul said, I didn’t confer with flesh and blood. If I had listened to people I wouldn’t do what i now do for Jesus, because people said many different things incongruous with the Lord’s Word. You have to spend time in prayer, and let God show you what He wants you to do. Then when you know what God wants you to do, do it.

You mean God deals with me in the earth? Yes. He made you. He cares about you. Jesus died for you. Do you think He would then just leave you alone in this earth to fend for yourself until you die? No, He’s involved in your life to the extent you will hear His word and obey His voice through prayer and fellowship with Him. He will show you what He wants you to do in life. And there is no need to confer with people when you have heard from God.

Beloved Brethren in Christ, “Glory NOT in men, for all things are yours”, not just today, but everyday.(1 cor 3:21)
And as you make up your mind to put God first, conferring and fellowshiping with the Holy Ghost daily, do well also to visit, for more spirit-lifting resources that would bring more enlightenment to your eyes of understanding, and have your faith soar high in Christ.

God bless you!!!
Prince Kay