“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (II Corinthians 5:7)

For some the wait is endless. Whatever you’re waiting on doesn’t really matter. The human condition lends itself to our growing more impatient as time passes.

That impatience causes us to go before God, get in the way of God, or even miss God. Mistakes are made, promises are broken, and dreams dashed. You find yourself fighting to find the faith while living through the Not Yet. Living through the Not Yet gives us the opportunity to grow closer to God, and provides us a powerful testimony to share with others who may be going through a similar faith struggle.

In John 6:24-33, after Jesus had taken the two loaves and five fish and fed the 5,000; after He walked on water and calmed the stormy sea He still faced a crowd of non-believers. Although Jesus had just performed miracles, they still wanted more before they would believe.

How relevant is that passage of scripture for us today! So many times in our life’s journey we ignore the everyday blessings God provides us and question if and when God will bring us through. Then we want a “sign” to know for sure. Be honest– how many times have you prayed, “If this is you Lord then make this or that happen,” or “Lord, I want to believe, but please show me a sign.” What we fail to realize, is God shows us daily miracles! He continuously brings us out of situations: you have a car problem– He sends a mechanic who happens to be driving by. You have a bill due- You get an unexpected check in the mail. Friends, it’s not happenstance. It’s God!

Second-guessing God’s promises for your life has no place in your life. Step out of your comfort zone- step into your Faith and don’t give in to the tricks of the enemy. Remember our trials come to make us strong! So praise Him in advance while He’s bringing you through a tough situation. Remember, what we learn in the Not Yet is that the promise of God holds true regardless of the time that the promise takes to come to pass.

So what else do you need before you believe? John 6:29 tells us we are to Believe in Him. It’s that simple. We must have Faith, and remember that faith without works is dead. Believe in the God of the Miracle until your miracle comes. How do you do that? Spend quality time–not just five minutes before you fall asleep, but real quality time studying God’s word, praying and listening to praise & worship music.

You will notice a change in your spirit. You will recognize that while you are living through your Not Yet your faith is growing along with your spiritual maturity. And when your prayer is answered; when your test becomes your testimony– recognize it, thank God for it, and share it!

When you look back over your life you will see how far you were able to walk by faith.