John 12:42-43

Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue:For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Early in the morning today, i began to look closely at some of the very phenomenal statements made by Jesus in the Book of John. Just then, i came across a favourite scripture i have previously read many times. For a moment, i decided to meditate more deeply on it and see if i could glean some more revelation, and i thank God for showing me some more things i like to share with you.

The praise of men. This is a disease that has grown to form a solidified, negative fabric of hypocrisy in the Church of Jesus Christ. Today, it has become very easy to hear people confess they are believers in Christ, but not many resemble Christ. Many have so compromised with the world, you can’t tell the difference between them and members of demonic cults.

One very important thing everyone should know is that, anything you engage in and expect praise is founded on a worthless foundation of a selfish spirit and therefore rewardless within the cycles of Godly blessing. In Church today, many folks struggle to serve. There is nothing wrong with a divinely implanted desire to do some service in the Kingdom, but the motives do matter a lot. You will perhaps be amazed to discover that a very large percentage of people serving in the Ministry are doing so with the wrong motives – many of them seek the praise of men, they seek to be recognized by others.

The situation is so bad that, some would rather chose to remain in a state of spiritual mess, dabbling in witchcraft and other kinds of uncleanness, long as they would be recognized by church leadership as doing something, every other thing does not matter. I’m not in doubt about the great number of folks that serve the devil in darkness, and feign Christianity openly just so they can receive the selfish attention they have always sought for. These are the kinds that won’t study God’s word for themselves, but just so they can make a point in a cell meeting or whatever meeting. People don’t want to clean themselves up so the Spirit can dwell in them and produce God’s glory that would shape their character towards their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Many individuals, within the cycles of ministry, pay to get through to certain positions. There is nothing about Christ that really motivates them, just the self-promotion impulses and an evil desire to project their personalities instead of magnifying the God of Heaven. Perhaps they haven’t known that, anything done not based on love for God, with the energy of the Spirit, is virtually needless and unrewarding.

That’s just one side to the Rhema of the scripture above.

A Second Dimension, more devastating to the Faith and Body of Christ, is the lack of boldness and passion towards things that concern Jesus Christ. The chief priests also believed but they could not confess Jesus to get saved, because they FEARED they would be thrown out of the synagogue. In his book, “Life, Your Heritage”, i remember Bishop David Oyedepo say that if the devil ever will kill any person, he will first get them to fear what they are supposed to have dominion over. So true. Satan has always used fear to cage his unsuspecting victims, and on many occasions killed even believers because they feared what they didn’t understand. In the secret societies and cults, witchcraft covens, satanic conclaves, the same tool is used to keep members in continual bondage. How many times have you failed to make others know you are Christian, you believe in Jesus Christ and Him alone, even though you had the opportunity to? Tell me the reason was not because u feared. Maybe because of the people around, the environment, expected reactions of other human beings who are no more special than yourself.

Many times, we get the opportunity to shout the Name of Jesus so people can hear and see that indeed there are some very committed children of the King, but we fail to glorify Him. Let’s not forget what Jesus said in Matthew 10:33 “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven”. If professing you Faith will cause you to lose your job, let it happen. Sometimes we hold on too tightly to worldly things that we can’t even glorify the Saviour of our souls, and give Him the honour due Him. But then again, i heard Jesus say in John 12:25 “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. Loving anything more than your Christ, you Deliverer, the source of your Life, is simply a call of personal destruction, the dark mistake of opening up doorways that will launch a devastating onslaught of wickedness in your life, unleashed by the forces of hell.

Then also, i realized the Bible says, the reason fear set in, for which reason the chief priests could not identify with Christ, was because they loved the voice of People than the Voice of God. Many times, Believers would compromise the truth of God’s Word because they can’t stand the isolation of ungodly companies. Let’s watch and not go for vain glories, but continually set our minds and hearts on only Him – JC, and do all things to glorify Him alone.

I cannot show you how to be successful unless you get to the Word of God, but i can show you the formula that leads to failure : try to please people. Don’t leave your entire life just to hear folks call you good names. Infact, people will never call you good unless you are like them..that’s the world. Armed robbers see themselves as brothers, until one is arrested and gives information implicating the rest of the members, then he becomes an enemy. So, in the world, they would call you good long as you are like them.

Let hypocrisy be completely rooted out of the Church and let true love and commitment to Jesus Christ dominate every Christian’s life and ministry. Let’s proclaim His goodness to the world everywhere…. He has saved us, washed and cleansed us in His own Blood, given us a Life over and above every thing called the devil. How can we say thanks to Him for everything when we wouldn’t as much mention His Name, sacrificing His glory on the stupid tenets of convenience.

Jesus is the Hope of Earth, and the Joy of Heaven, the only Reason for Life, and i would rather live to receive His praises and blessing, than settle for any kind of worldly recognition. Can you make this decision as well, even now? It pays, brethren, it pays to not seek praises from men, who might even be ungodly. For when all is said and done, it’s not what people say that opens the Gates of Heaven to your spirit and soul, but what the King of King says.

With Love,
Prince Kay