Well so, like I promised, a few turnarounds have been made to enable Zain Modem or GSM users to browse for free using either a Modem or a Phone Device.

I had previously asked MTN users to contact me for their configurations, since that’s a bit more ‘technical’ than other Mobile Network Services.

This configuration has come as a result of my commitment to making hacking ideas available to as many as desire to have it. I believe there are many that would have had an interest in internet based computer usage, if not for the difficulties they face getting free and easy access to the Internet especially in this part of the world.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, on the very 1st day of this Glorious Year 2011, how to access the Internet for free using your modem or mobile phone.

First of all, for phone users, be sure you have configured your phone for Wap-Access through the GPRS Protocol. If you have, then you are ready to run on the data highway. If you haven’t just send the necessary code to Zain and receive GPRS settings, then follow the directions given to set up your phone.

1. Install a PC suite that can connect your phone to your PC. If you have already done this, then

2. Manually configure your phone through the PC suite service using the following protocols:

For Ghanaians : access point = internet.gh.zain.com

For Nigerians : access point = internet.ng.zain.com }USERNAME AND PASSWORD = internet

For Gabonians : access point = wap.gb.zain.com

3. If you have done this correctly, then go now and open Your-Freedom Client Software( you can download the software by clicking on this link if you already don’t have it installed : http://www.your-freedom.net/ems-dist/2010/yf-install_20100825-02.exe (you should have created an account on the registration page of Your-Freedom , cos you would use this later in your configurations. If you haven’t done so, click on this link and register, it’s free : http://www.your-freedom.net/index.php?id=170&L=0 ). After opening your client software, Ignore the Wizard window that pops up, and go directly and click on configure on the main Freedom client window. Select ‘Server Connection. In the Address line, type the following: ems19.your-freedom.de —— Where u see connection mode, change the HTTP to HTTPS. The Blank Port Number would automatically change to 443.

4. Now, ensure that the ‘Tweaks ‘ is ‘None’. Select the following options by ticking the boxes prefixing them : Automatically connect on startup, Reconnect after Server shutdown, Socks 4/5 DNS lookups on server, Enable Encryption. Leave all others blank.

5. Look on your right in that same window, and ensure that Default values for Minimum Buffer size – 1500, RTT –blank, keep alive interval – blank, Reconnection Delay – 5000, Initial POST size 10000000, Minimum POST size 20000, FTP mode – both, are all Correct.

6. Now click in Account Information, and type in the Username and Password of your Freedom Account…ie. The account opened in step 3.

7. You are now ready to rock. Click in Save and Exit, Click in Start Connection, and start browsing with your Phone or Modem.

If you encounter any problems configuring your device, send me an email : heavenboundpkay@hackermail.com for assistance.

We are working on a hack to tap conversations on phone using a simple technology called the ‘HeavenGate’. This would allow you to trace the calls of your workers or folks around you that you don’t trust, by simply connecting two separate phones that hook onto the phone ID of your target’s Device. This will hopefully launch in Early February, will not be free, but will be affordable by those who really need it.

Besides, I have a software package for TV lovers, that enables you to watch 78 DStv channels all for free. All what’s needed is an Internet Connection and a PC. This way, you can use your HDMI to connect from your PC to your LED or Plasma TV, and Enjoy wonderful channels that would otherwise cost you several dollars using a Digibox and buying vouchers to recharge.

For those Internet Freaks and would-be-ethical hackers, If you want to chat with folks on-line using command prompt(CMD), in order to stay invisible to tracking systems and unnecessary online hacks and disturbances, get in touch and I will send the code and guidelines that prepares a CMD Messenger for Invisible browsing.7

Happy New Year — — — — Enjoy and share the information. Remember, the Internet is nobody’s property, so nobody should unnecessarily demand too much to grant Internet access.





God Bless African Technology!