1) Download with this link http://mobilefanz.3mx.biz/pc/IndiaWebProxy.zip

2) It comes as a zip file so u need to unzip (use either 7-zip, Win-zip, Win-Rar, or even Xplore on ur mobile)
To unzip it

3) You need to have Java runtime environment 1.6 or higher installed on your system because the India web runs on PC
4) After extracting it go to SETUP folder extract the India Web Proxy, then open with java

CONFIGURING THE IWP [india web proxy]

Click on Settings

Leave every other thing like it is and change only the ones i list below

(PHP) Web Server IP: eselfcare.mtn.com.gh

(PHP) Web Server Port: 8080

(PHP) File Full URLl: (put the server u created -will show u how to do that below)

Organization Proxy Host: or

Organization Proxy Port: 8080

Organization Proxy Usename: web

Organization Proxy Password: web

Save & Close

click start

go to Mozilla


Configure your Mozilla


Port 6050

Port 6051

you can create your own server to be faster


Open an email (note yahoomail not allowed)

Go to http://x10hosting.com/ (u can use any other site that allows u to host a free site with them)

Choose a user name, fill the form and go to your mail for the confirmation, then click the link or copy the confirmation code.
Go back to http://x10hosting.com/
Login and confirm and update your account


Go to http://net2ftp.com/
Put the name of the server u created for example
FTP SERVER : yourcreatedserver.x10.mx
Port 21
Username and password (use the same one u used for server creation)
Initial directory: /www
FTP MODE : Binary

When it opens click Upload and browse your system to the extracted IWP folder

Upload these 3 files


There u are! Enjoy your free Browsing beyond firewall limitations…Next will be a blog on how to use yout satellite decoder as a broadband internet modem to use on your small workstation

Jesus Is Lord
Prince Kay