For a long time, my ideas, beliefs and sticky perceptions about ‘perfection’ remained in the realms of non-existence. Once, i believed it should be possible for people to just be good, do what they ought to do, what society considers right, that is, without having to mess things up any step of the way.

You have probably yourself been this way sometime in the past, or still are. A place where you believe in your own ethereal perfection, expecting many others to also just be “perfect”.

When the new year began, one of the major resolutions i had made was to be as much practicable as i could possibly be in considering reasons why folks do what they do sometimes, why men think sometimes way they do, why folks accept somethings and reject others. I came to a place in my life ( and i desire that you reading this would learn something from this) where i was kind off critical of stuff in general, talking about beliefs, strategy, perceptions, social and spiritual alignments. I saw more ‘bad’ than ‘good’ in many things about several different people. There is really nothing bad about being careful, and observing things to be ‘sure’, but where it happens only so you could vindicate yourself as the good one out, separate and different in terms of ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’, then you might want to consider checking your living values and principles of life. When i was critical, i felt it was the way to live, i know now that it was just bad.

Then the Lord began to show me somethings in the Word, powerful truths that make me see that, in reality, there should not be preachers or anything of the sort, folks that claim to be wise guardians, telling others how to live their lives against the backdrop of their personal ‘goodness’, ‘genuineness’ and ‘perfect nature’. Now at this point, you might begin to wonder what this guy is talking about, is he serious? is it wrong to have preachers, pastors, life guardians and all that?

Well, what i said i did because in the most practical sense, no man is flawless, faultless, ‘spotless’ or absolutely ‘clean’. Even the man that preaches about holiness, morality, immorality, corruption etc has his own ‘issues’ if you get what i am saying. Utter sinfulness is not just a reserve of some few evil men and woman. Every individual has got their own weaknesses, challenges, difficulties and pressures that most often define and shape their ‘works’, activities, physical engagements, why they do what they do way they do them.

Few days ago, i witnessed something on the main campus of the University of Ghana that more than surprised me. A young lady in her early twenties was allegedly caught having stolen a laptop and some other things belonging to students resident at a particular hostel. It is alleged by many that she is not a student, considering the fact that she wasn’t known among those leaving on that floor of the hostel building. The University however, is yet to confirm the truth or otherwise of the claims by the students. This lady was so molested and terribly manhandled by the male students that took matters into their own hands, refusing campus security agents access to the lady.

As i later watched a footage of the horrible scenes, i began to ask myself many questions – Why people think they are better than others is a question i can only ask God. No man is faultless, flawless or totally free of negativeness. The only thing that makes a difference is the free gift of Righteousness we Christians have received in Christ Jesus. Even then, we all can attest to the fact that, every now and then we think thoughts, say things, and do stuff that grossly contradict the determinations of God; actions and thoughts that are in direct contradiction to the Will and Want of the Lord of our weak Souls. We have however forgotten how everyday, every second we wrong God ourselves, and leaving our own issues unattended to, we go about projecting an image that is not real, an image of our ‘perfect’ selves. Many times, you would recall yourself thinking of, and judging others as very terrible people, while failing to take detailed stock of your reserve of actions and inactions that have failed to bring joy to hearts of many, statements you have made that implanted seeds of malice and bitterness in the eyes and souls of many others, actions that have caused others irrevocable losses, irreparable damages.

As i watched the video of this alleged ‘woman thief’, and how she was abused physical, sexually molested in line with a usual student shame-coating process sort of, directed at erasing her feminine dignity, i told myself, Hypocrisy is an Inherent quality of human souls, it’s in us all by nature. The world is suffering many terrible things today because some nations, peoples, languages, factions and social -setups have failed to see the hypocrisy with which they have handled their international relations and foreign policies with their neighbours. Governments say terrible things about others to gain international advantage. She received all manner of verbal assaults, physical tortures and sexual abuses. Others who would not be part directly of the gruesome molestation and other acts of sheer inhumanity, just stood by shouting and giving consent to the high evil perpetrated against this woman. (Romans 1:32)

This is not about trying to justify stealing or robberies or anything of the sort. No. The allegations of stealing may or may not be true, considering the fact that we actually live in a world of blackmails, where people frame others to gain the moral advantage. But even if she committed the act, was that why she had to be abused sexually, molested, physically tortured, her feminine elements degraded, her womanhood and pride mercilessly deflated down to the zero? Every individual qua individual has natural determinations that remain inviolable by any other person or group of persons, save of course, the embodiment of such groups, in this case the State, and higher than the State, God.

When was the last time you sat to consider general life issues and social questions like why people do what they do in a fallen world like what we live in? Have we thought about the many people on the streets who have to beg to survive because they were abandoned by some irresponsible people that got pregnant and gave birth when they were not ready? And have you considered the possibility of many robbers and criminals getting involved in whatever they might be in because they sought for love from society but got a stone-response? Selfishness has made wickedness a sort of normal trend in the daily affairs of earthmen these days. People live in horrible circumstances, suffering unimaginable, want and terrifying pain of the flesh and emotions, and nobody thinks about them. When after there is nothing left to do, they either consider suicide or survival by negative means. They may not be bad after all. They got where it’s bad to be because society gave no attention to their humanness. So, let’s stop shoving off people that come to us for help, you never know what those few minutes of listening attention you lend that person would positively accomplish. Let’s learn to understand why people do what they do, and when we are not happy about their actions, let’s think and consider ways we could help, not condemn or act in ways that bring to their human image and amplitude nothing but greater traducement, calumny, odium and anguish.

We shall be our own saviours if we learn to appreciate people, and rebuke evil and negativity by love, streamline disagreements by dialogue, and tolerate varying views on anything, however much we think such views might be false. Love is the solution to the World’s Problems!!

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