Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the end of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge SHALL be increased

It’s been a while since my last post on this site. By the special grace of the Lord I have researched a few things in the Digital Satellite world that i would like to share with you.

Before reading this, note that recent happenings in various parts of the world are directing all of mankind towards a certain awareness. Jesus is due to return very soon, and whatever amends remain for every earthman to make in reconstructing our lives towards a genuine commitment to Jesus and His saving grace, this moment would be most appropriate to activate such a process.

I believe God has enabled every earthman with divine abilities of prescience to decry what lies ahead of all mankind in the coming years, and without the energy of God’s Spirit, it is obvious no Christian would survive the pressures of a world now laden with an awful dimension of sin and negativity.

With that being said, I join Millions of Americans and believers in freedom and basic human sanity to mourn the 2,996 people that lost their lives through terrifying circumstances on September 11, 2001. Jihad, Terrorism or whatever name they give it, the attacks of that day were a mere display of weakness, foolishness, pusillanimity and cowardice by faceless poltroons who possess the lowest of minds by thinking violence is the best way to preach faith. May the Lord of Peace preserve and prosper all earthmen that seek peace, love, Godliness and human comfort. Amen!

Now to the topic of the day, I am going to show you how you can connect your satellite decoder to the internet and virtually transform same into a modem, browse whatever links and access millions of free online videos and IPTV on your decoder.

These methods are all proven and stress-free, and every technology enthusiast, every satellite hobbyist, and every soul who cannot live without a computer earth or in heaven, should read this, work it out and share the info.

First of all, items you would need for this configuration include the following :

1. Dreambox/Strong SRT 4669 Z or any HD Digital Satellite Receiver (decoder) with a LAN or port

2. Laptop with Windows 7/Ubuntu 10 or higher

3. RJ-45 LAN cable

4. Mobile Broadband (USB modem / Data Card Switch)

5. Flash driver /USB stick

Now let’s move on to the real thing.

1. First of all, be sure your Decoder is all set and working.

2. Insert you flash drive into the USB slot in front or behind your decoder.

3. Now connect you mobile broadband modem to your laptop and connect It the usual way you do for browsing. Be sure the link is up and test a page by opening http://wp.me/Jddi or just run an ICMP echo ping request on the network.

4. When you are certain everything is okay and packet flow is smooth, connect your RJ 45 LAN cable to your laptop’s Ethernet port.

5. Now connect the other end of the RJ45 to your decoder’s Ethernet port, usually
located at the back or the right side of most decoders. The Ethernet connection led should blink so you can be sure of proper connection of the cable.

6. When all that is done, you would have to now turn to your plasma and hit menu on your remote control. Select SYSTEM SETTINGS, then go to IP SETTINGS.

7. Usually what you would see next should be something like this:

IP ADDRESS – some dotted zeros
GATEWAY – some dotted zeros
MAC ADDRESS – an address that defines the unique id of you Receiver’s LAN card

Down below on the left or right corner of the screen, you should see a prompt “ press to obtain IP address. Usually on an SRT 4669 or other newer Strong decoder models, all you would have to do is straightaway press the recall/red button and wait for DHCP to assign an automatic IP ADDRESS. Depending on how several factors, this process of waiting could take sometime.

8. If however, after waiting for a reasonable period of time a unique IP is not assigned to your device you would be required to key in the settings manually after you have set “DHCP USAGE” to “OFF”

9. IP ADDRESS : (You can use any Private IP address provided it falls within the same range/network of your router. The network of your router is usually located on a sticker at the back or side of your router. For example, If you realized you router has this address at the back as its IP, that would mean that, your network is 192.168.0, and therefore the last digit which would actually identify your decoder would be any value between 1 and 253. You could have something like this as the Static IP for your decoder.
SUBNET MASK : (This must always be maintained in this format)
GATEWAY : (This is the same as the IP address located at the back of your router)
DNS : same as GATEWAY

When this is done, save and exit the page.

You can now begin exploring the Internet Radio by different genres (SRT users, go to storage, select internet radio or online weather service), scan and enjoy as many as you want for free. You can also browse through YouTube videos, and also enjoy the Internet Weather Service for any city in the world. By pressing MENU and navigating to ENTERTAINMENT, you would find options for free IPtv, Youtube Google, Internet Radio and Weather Services.

It’s simple and interesting. In the process of setting this up, you can always leave a question on this page and I’ll always strive to respond promptly.

When you are done setting up your Digibox and enjoying all the freebies, don’t forget to leave a comment on this page describing your experience.

NOTE: There is an important update on how to setup your Satellite Receiver (Decoder) in higher modes to enable you watch and enjoy “DSThieves” premium channels for less.

If interested contact this man Kalunda Kunate via septuagint0214@gmail.com

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God bless!