Good day everyone!

It’s always a great feeling to get on the laptop and do some tech writing. The past couple of days, I have been extremely busy dealing with Cisco configurations and networking labs, and after much typing of verbose network commands, I don’t intend today to rattle of fresh volleys of illusory networking rhetoric, but to write about something that has especially been a major challenge to many a user of satellite tv.

In the first place, it’s important for you to know that ” OTA automatic downloading” is a major problem on all FAKE ‘Strong’ branded decoders, most especially fake 4669xii models . But that is not to say it may not occur on a genuine, verified decoder.Many satellite users have experienced this problem at least once, and still others experience this everyday when they turn on their decoders, without an idea how to deal with the situation. If this problem has been your nightmare, then we bless God for the grace given me to write.

By now I’m sure you are asking what the heck is OTA with it’s accompanying problems. Well, OTA actually stands for OVER THE AIR programming, and refers basically to a standard of satellite broadcast transmission by which various methods are adopted for the distribution of new software updates or configuration settings to mobile receptors. When this begins to occur on a decoder, satellite transponder settings may have changed or could also be due to fake firmware and the like, and its recurrence can really put one on edge.

Let me remind you that, as of yet, there’s is no software patch, firmware upgrade or internal tweaking that is able to successfully extirpate the problem of automatic OTA downloads. Here’s a simple step i have for you that works

1. When you turn on your digibox and have a display on the screen saying: “OTA downloading upgrade, Please wait”, simply turn the decoder off, and disconnect the sat cable that connects to LNB 1 on the rear of your decoder.

2. Now check the cable to be sure the neutrals(several threads of wire) have no contact whatsoever with the positive copper wire(the big single wire)

3. Turn the decoder on again without connecting the satcable to the decoder. When the firmware loads, you would notice a “No Signal” prompt, and then the decoder would restart by itself after about 10seconds.

4.After restarting by itself, put the decoder off again, reconnect your satcable to the LNB receive port, and switch the box on. After loading, you should have pictures displaying. So hurray, OTA downloading is gone…… BUT not forever if you do not follow through with the next step.

5. This step is vitally important. You should navigate with your remote control to MENU > INSTALLATION >(password:0000) OTA MENU>>>>>> Now on this page, you have DEFAULT in the first field(Scan Mode) Change this to USER. Then move to second item(satellite) and select any other satellite different from the satellite used to install your tv.( you can check what satellite is used for your tv installation by simply selecting any channel on your list, and pressing the INFO button on your remote control twice. So for instance, on my plasma, you realize that the channel showing is EMMANUEL TV, with several other parameters. The satellite is 28.2 degrees East Astra 3A..satpicso then, in my OTA menu, under satellite, I would have to use any other satellite apart from Astra 3A, and then save settings and exit.

6. When this is properly done, you should no longer see any annoying OTA messages again, and hopefully your imitated digibox would cease to give you any headaches ever

NB: To verify if your Strong decoder is an original product, navigate to MENU > SYSTEM SETTINGS > (password 0000) SECURITY SETTING > CODE NUMBER*************. Get onto the Strong Technologies website, and navigate to decoder authentication, where you’d find an option to verify the authenticity of your box or otherwise. type in the code number from your decoder, and wait for a response.

And if you discover yours is genuine, lift up your head and bless God, cos the fakes are more than the genuine – hehehe!

So that is that folks. Keep your comments and questions coming as we look forward to our next article on the topic ” HOW TO USE YOUR ROUTER AS AN ACCESS POINT ON YOUR NETWORK(imagine that you have two routers, one is only wired, the other is wired and wireless, so you wanna use the latter as an AP connected to the original NAT router.This article is going to be very interesting for all networking addicts and even newbies). God Bless You!