I endeavour in this article to identify some of the most common problems faced by laptop users, and to provide some steps that can be taken toward resolving these challenges. Though targeted at laptop users, others who use different types of computers are sure to find these tips helpful.

This may be due to a number of reasons. First of all, the production of heat can be the cause of computer shutting down unexpectedly. Some laptops automatically shut down when excessive heat is generated to protect the computer. Excessive dust can clog air vents or the cooling fan and deprive your system of cold air to cool off the CPU via the heat sink.
Heat Sink
heat sink

You can often solve overheating issues simply by cleaning out these air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner. You may also use a blower. If this doesn’t solve the problem, consider updating your laptop’s BIOS drivers. The installation files and guide can be found on the laptop manufacturer’s website.

distorted image
The screen may look distorted or some of the pixels may not display properly indicating damaged pixels. This may be due to a faulty video graphics processor (graphics card), or a connection problem. Connect laptop to an external monitor. If image is still blurry, the video card may be faulty, or may require an update of its drivers.
If problem is only on laptop screen and not on external monitor, problem may be with the video cable connection between your your laptop’s motherboard and the screen. Otherwise, test the screen separately to be sure the screen hasn’t developed its own problem. distorted image 2 You may also experience some dark, red or green spots on your screen. Red and green sports usually light up after a careful and gentle rub with a piece of cloth. Dark sports are permanent and signal a failed screen. In this case, you should get a replacement. darkspot


Sometimes some screens dim after a while, or go completely blank. This is indicative of a failed backlight. If the inverter or lamp at the back of the screen fails, the backlight will cease and then images cannot be displayed on the screen, or even if they are, they would appear very faint. Test to see if it’s a failed screen inverter or lamp, and get a replacement. Otherwise, get a new screen for the laptop.


Keyboards are not repairable if some keys are found not to be working. This could be due to a damaged FCC cable, or some water or beverage spillage on the keyboard. The only thing to do is get a replacement. Depending on the architecture of your laptop, fixing a new keyboard may be as easy as taking early morning tea, or a bit tiring due to the many maneuvers involved in getting the keyboard unseated. keyboard There is also the possibility that the non-functioning keys may still be unresponsive after replacing with a new keyboard. In this case, the problem is not with the keyboard itself, but on the board itself. A good technician may get a handle on this kind of problem, otherwise, you should look to purchasing a new motherboard or a new laptop.

This may be due to several factors including insufficient RAM allocation etc. To solve this, first of all ensure to execute defragmentation on our laptop. To this, navigate to your system drive, Right click and go to PROPERTIES. Select TOOLS and click on DEFRAGMENT NOW. You can also access the service by going to your start menu, select “accessories” and look in the Systems Folder. Select the appropriate drives and partition and run the analysis and defragmentation program. defrag
An effective way to increase you laptop’s boot time and performance is to remove unnecessary applications from your start up list. You can do this by pressing R while holding down the WINDOWS LOGO key. In the dialogue box that opens, type in MSCONFIG. A dialogue box will open. Go to start up and uncheck the boxes of all applications that you do not need at start-up of your laptop. You may also try installing additional RAM, increase your page file size or even use a ready-boost enabled Pendrive. To increase you virtual memory/page file size, simple go to control panel, select “system”, click on “change settings” Go to “advanced”, Select “settings” under Performance. Select “Advanced”, Go to Virtual Memory, uncheck “automatically manage paging file size” and increase the page file size.

crashSometimes, you hear very disturbing crackling noises coming from inside your laptop. Dust inside the cooling fan may be responsible, but if check the fan thoroughly and are convinced it’s not the cause, then the noise is most likely from your hard drive. This kind of problem usually signals a failing hard drive due to shock, vibration etc, and requires an immediate backup of all data and a replacement of the hard drive.


When your laptop fails to boot up because it reports a crashed hard disk, or says “operating system or hard disk cannot be found”, the problem may be a missing system file or a bad sector on the hard drive. To determine if that’s the case, you can remove your hard drive and place inside an external hard drive case. Connect this to a computer and see if it pops up as an attached external drive. If this is successful, run a disk check command on the drive to check it for errors. To do this, open a DOS prompt (Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt) and typing in D: where D represents the drive letter of your external drive. Then hit Enter. Now type “chkdsk /f.” If you are asked to run a dismount, type Y and hit Enter. Your drive would be scanned, and any errors found on it will get fixed. An error report will print out, so you can see what changes were made to the drive. If all went well, you’ll be good to go once you plug the hard drive back into the crashed laptop and power it on.


Computer viruses, such as Trojan Sub seven and Trojan Y3K Rat, alter a drive’s directory structure and eliminate a user’s files upon opening. Other viruses, such as file infector and multipartite, overwrite files while maintaining the file names, causing the files to disappear from the drive. shortcuts Here’s how to deal with that:
Open a COMMAND PROMPT window by going to START–ACCESSORIES-COMMAND PROMPT (CMD). It is best if you open the command prompt with admin rights. Type CMD in Start menu search box and hit Shift+Ctrl+Enter. Alternatively, press WINDOWS LOGO KEY+R, and then type CMD in the dialog box that pops up. Type F: and press enter, where F represents the drive letter of the drive containing your files. The command prompt will change to this F:\>
Now type in this command exactly as provided here attrib -s -a -r -h /s /d *.* (remember to bring a space after each item) For the sake of clarity, ima repeat the command line in a sentence form F semicolon backslash greater-than sign attrib space negative s space negative a space negative r space negative h space forward slash s space forward slash d space wildcard dot wildcard cmd attrib
Hope you got it right there. Hit ENTER and wait for the system to execute the command. When this is done, you should see another display of the prompt like this F:\> which means the process is complete. Now type exit. Access your device again, and you should have your files and folders back on


noiseybeepSome laptops make an annoying repetitive beeping sound at start-up. This is particularly common with Toshiba laptops unfortunately. If it’s simply an issue of some keys stuck on the keyboard, this can be fixed easily by checking each key and attempting to pull them up gently with a pushdown tool or whatever you find convenient, or even replacing the entire keyboard. This could also be due to a dislodged or faulty CMOS battery on the motherboard that requires replacement. The problem is however more serious, when after unseating your keyboard and replacing a CMOS batter, the sound still persists. Likely a motherboard problem, that may or may not be repairable.


imagesIn this case, problem may be from the adaptor, power cable or motherboard. Check adaptor connector and power cables with a meter to be sure there is power.If both are ok, yet no led lights turn on, motherboard is most likely fried and requires replacement.




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