After downloading any software for your decoder, use computer PC to unzip it and move the main software to the USB flash driver that you will be using to update your strong satellite TV receiver.
Here are links to download software for some common decoders;

Plug in your USB Flash driver to your strong satellite TV Receiver.
Press Menu button using your remote control and then navigate to down to USB and then to the DATA TRANSFER.
Locate the Strong TV receiver software and press OK. (MENU >>>USB-DATA TRANSFER>>>YOUR SOFTWARE>>>OK)

Allow it to finish and restart and you are done.

Note: In case if any of those software above is not working on your strong decoder,(this is very unlikely) you can manually enter the biss keys that will open tv3 on your strong decoders as follows:

  1. For strong 4922a and older; Dial 8282 on the decoder and then enter the following biss keys: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82

  2. Key for SRT4950, 4950M & 4950H.
    Press F1 8280
    Go to slot number 86 (or teh right slot showing TV3: 12525 V 30000)
    then edit the key as per below:

No. 86
Prov ID”: 00 1F FF
Index: 1C
Key: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82.


Please download the already extracted software, copy it to your virus free USB flash drive, located where you can perform a usb upgrade on your mutitv decoder, and you are good to go.

Download for CA PLUS SERIES 2: YH_CP07_V216_20140617_100…S.bin.img
Download for MULTI TV HD: YH_A3L_TFCA_V204_20140618….lzma.img


Add the freq 12525 under the biss key menu Of your qsat.

Go to xcam setup. Open patch . u Will see biss key edit it or add frequency 12522.
Key: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82

For the latest decoder 4955, download the latest software version 1.72p dated June 10 2016 to SRT 4955, then press F1 8280 and go to BISS page then scroll to slot 106 (TV3) and edit the parameters (frequency,…) by pressing SAT key as showing below in the red marked line. Then go to “OK” by pressing Channel up or down and press OK
4955 decoder