As the Lord has purposed, so shall it be, and as He has spoken, so shall it come to pass. These are the last days, and God now is preparing and establishing young men and women the world over, equipping them with the Word of His Son, the Fire of His Spirit and the Power to effect changes in the realms of existence.

This is the site of a young, versatile God-loving Technology enthusiast and Evangelist, with a divine mandate to revolutionize the Lord’s evangelistic ministry on earth, unleashing the final onslaught on the devil and his cohorts, and breaking the backbone of all satanic foundations of darkness in low and high places.

The intention here is to make radical effects manifest in the Kingdom through the preaching of the ETERNAL and uncompromisable word of the Lord Jesus Christ, to present the TRUTH of God’s Word in simplicity and clarity, making real the Power of God through His Word, and MAKING earthmen free from the remote and immediate psychic manipulations of the forces of hell, and turning the hearts of all to the ONE and ONLY True and Living God.

My prayer is that the Glory of God shall fill the whole earth, as the knowledge of the Word and of the Son of God transcends every border of darkness to light the darkest of hearts, towns, cultures and nations.

God bless every man and woman of God that part of this, as well as you who has visited. May the Lord grant you what you desire for the now in His Word before you navigate away from this site, and even as His grace grants you that understanding vitally important to the spiritual survival of the earthman in this end times, together, let’s encourage ourselves to do the work of the Ministry, serving the Lord Jesus with everything in us, helping to perfect fellow saints, bringing deliverance to the bound through the energy and ability of the Spirit of God.

Stay rooted and grounded in the Grace and Glory of the Lord Jesus.

God bless.