I always associated the term Prayer Warriors with people who were either formal or religious, wanting to show the world they could pray better and for longer hours..Lord forgive me for all i ever thought about prayerful Christians in the past. Yet today, wisdom teaches me that any true Christ follower would be foolish not to have the prayer-warrior aspiration; the strong desire to always be in His presence declaring, establishing, and restoring things in the realms of the Spirit and eventually the physical, plus destabilizing the holds of the devil and everything he stands for….Glory to God!!!

Now I strive to be that person…the one who is serious about continually connecting with God. Contrary to my longtime belief, it’s far simpler than having a strong command of traditional church jargon or proper King James English.

All it actually takes is a sincere heart that reaches out to stay plugged into His presence. 1 Thessalonians 5:16 tells us to “pray without ceasing.” Not sporadically, but always. They Word of God means just what it says, and remember, it is there for ‘Obeying, Doing’, not so we could dispute and ask hopeless and usually stupid questions that only the devil will mind to answer anyway…………….

I know it’s impossible to literally stay on our knees all day long. But it is possible to dwell or commune with Him all day long. Afterall,Prayer is not all about kneeling, but being focused on Jesus and speaking the right words all way round…It goes beyond quiet time and worship services. It’s what spills over into the rest of our day and our life.

I believe the true fire-baptized prayer warrior makes God his or her priority and seeks to live a life of worship. He or she should seek to abide in God’s presence, or to pray without ceasing. Mind You however, that, this excludes witches and hypocrites in the church…This is a point i always emphasize because the church now has more witches, pretenders and hypocrites like never before…and what is more worrying to me particularly is the fact that, these ‘deceivers of self’ pose as if they were the most ‘holy’, and spirit-filled children of God, putting on very sanctimonious faces…such hypocrisy!!!!!!!!PLEASE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, I TELL YOU, YOU CAN DECEIVE ALL MEN, BUT WHEN JESUS COMES..OR WHEN YOU DIE, YOU WILL REGRET IT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR BEING A PRETENDER, HYPOCRITE AND AGENT OF THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS…COME OUT OF THAT MESS NOW AND LET JESUS HAVE YOU SANCTIFIED WITH HIS BLOOD AND COVERED WITH HIS FIRE……BE A TRUE, GENUINE, HEAVEN-KNOWN, HEAVENBOUND CHRISTIAN………

Here are some action reminders to help get us(true living Christians) to that place:

COVER: We remember to pray for others, but we fail to cover ourselves. If we don’t gird ourselves with the armor of God, how useful can we be to His Kingdom?

INTERCEDE: How often do we humble ourselves to pray for our enemies? It’s easy to pray for those we like, love and support.

SERVE: If we’re too busy to help someone else, are we truly seeking to be about God’s business?

PRAISE: We praise God when we actually operate in the gifts and talents He has blessed us with….and also when we love all…without facial loves and discriminations….there is too much discrimination in the church today..pastors relate better with the children of those parents who contribute the biggest amounts of money, leaders in various capacities have favourites instead of loving and treating everybody equally….Lord have mercy!!!!!!

MINISTER: God knows who He is, but He takes pleasure in us when we speak or sing praises to Him without asking for a thing. How often do we intentionally take the focus off of wish-list petitions to actually minister to the Lord…and not just in church?

READ: Get to know God better; spend time in His Word. A daily Bible-reading plan will keep you close…and don’t only read portions that talk about your prosperity, but that of others also…..

STUDY: Further explore what you read to really engrave His Word in your heart. Once we truly get it, we can recall it. But if we’re ignorant of God’s Word, we’re ignorant of His will.

MEDITATE: Find a scripture that resonates with you and ponder, recite and write it whenever you can. One of my favorites is Hebrews 13:8, which states, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” We never have to wake up wondering is He still on the throne or did He change His mind about us.

EXAMINE: At every thought, decision or move we make, the question becomes, “Am I glorifying you, Lord, or glorifying me?” Do a spiritual check-up regularly. Then be man or woman enough in that moment to make the appropriate adjustments in God’s favor. Don’t pray so people will see you are the ogyaseous, prayer guru..No….have your motives in check all the time, if not, the devil can use any open doorway to attack you while you pray…..note this very carefully…

SUBMIT AND LEAN ON HIM: To trust in Him with all our heart (Proverbs 3:5) is to dwell with Him. We are fools the minute we trust ourselves over God (Proverbs 28:26).

God bless you for reading this….This area of prayer happens to be my own ministry and very much dear to my heart….It’s my prayer that, having soaked in this piece of writeup, and purposed in you heart to heed the voice of Jesus, you see yourself lifted and catapulted to a height the devil can never reach……Please, if you have read this and you are not too sure if you are a child of Jesus, i suggest you go to Jesus in Prayer and rededicate your self to Him, asking Him to cleanse your system, have His Blood flush out every satanic deposit in your system, His fire destroy and consume every element of darkness in you, whiles you pray yourself denouncing and renouncing every contact with the demonic systems of satan…..don’t be a blind witch, neither be a conscious witch…..there is too much witchcraft pollution and contamination in the world today……..be on the alert against the deceptions of the devil and his cohorts…….

Meanwhile, i thank God for your life and i pray you have Him superimpose Heavenly blessings over all satanic and contrary winds that might be blowing against your life right now……..Be happy In the Lord, for Jesus is the best ‘THING’ that has or ever would , happen to your life……If you happen to have any questions in relation to the spiritual walk and anything connected to this writeup, i will gladly love to hear from you…my emails are listed below…..God Richly Bless you!!!!!!

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