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This happens to be my first post in 2016. It comes a bit late, but certainly loaded with vital information that would be of great value to all satellite installers and sports and entertainment enthusiasts.

Today, I endeavour to detail the meaning of PowerVu as an encryption system, and how premium channels scrambled with PowerVu can be tracked and watched. Some of these PowerVu packages actually do show premium sports and entertainment channels obtainable at various orbits.

PowerVu, also known as PV, is an ultra-secure encryption accessed through professional grade receivers made by Scientific Atlanta. s-l225 Most channels encrypted with PowerVU are high grade non-FTA channels. The only PowerVU network that is FTA is AFN (Armed Forces Network). It is the best known broadcaster that uses PowerVU: the American AFN channels on 13E, available to American Military Officers. Usually, those in the American military can get a receiver that decodes AFN, that’s the Scientific Atlantic PowerVU D9828, D9850, D9852, D9854 or D9858. The subscription is done through the military. scientific-atlanta-D9850

But our focus is not on PowerVU decoders, but how we can obtain live sports and entertainment channels that are scrambled using PowerVU encryption.

There are many TV networks encrypted with PowerVU and obtainable in Africa on C-Band frequencies. Some of these include:
Sony Entertainment TV — Intelsat 20 @68.5E (Sony Kix and Pix available for live matches. Tracking Frequency 4064 H 19850)

Sony Entertainment TV — IntelSat17 @66E (Tracking Frequency 3974 V 19850)

MTN Worldwide TV — NSS 47.5W (4163 R 9247); NSS 57.0°E (4147 R 9245); NSS 20W (4131 R 15404) (sports 24HD available for live EPL matches)

Skynews International — IntelSat 20 @68.5E
BBC&HBO — Apstar@ 76.5E
BWTV — NileSat 7W & Hotbird 13E.


All these channels are obtainable in various parts of Africa with dishes ranging from 90cm to 4m. In some cases, when 90cm, 1M or 1.8M dishes are employed, a scalar ring may have to be used along with a high gain C-Band LNB such as Pauxis PX-800 to make tracking easy and boost signal quality. Life is easier if you seek the services of a professional once you realize you are unable to install a CBand dish yourself.

A lot of information has been presented on various blogs and social media networks, either promoting some special kind of decoder that provides automatic PowerVu keys (autoroll keys) that provide constant access to these channels. Some of these decoders include the Gsky V3 and V6 models,Powervu-DECODER-GSKY-V6-SUPPORT-YOUTUBE-AND-IPTV
and the Alphabox. Alphabox-X4-HD-satellite-tv-receiver-Support-3G-WIFI-full-1080p-Receiver-DVB-S2-freesat-v7
While many would find it simpler to just purchase one of these boxes and enjoy TV on the go, the cost of these boxes has necessitated this article. Infact, some of these boxes cost as high as $150. It makes little sense that a strong decoder user would be forced to purchase another one of these decoders when PowerVU provides unlimited opportunities on strong decoders for TV lovers. Indeed with a simple patch to your existing strong firmware, you can upload all the PowerVu keys reqired to enjoy the channels you track at the various orbits indicated earlier.

To enjoy PowerVu channels, simply download and install this software
on your strong decoder (4920, 4922, 4922A). SRT 4950 users can use this software
SRT 4950E can also use this. Installing the appropriate software activates the PowerVU service on your strong decoder. dsc_0009
All the keys you will need to unscramble the various channels you track and wish to watch are obtainable right HERE. These keys are regularly updated and totally reliable. To input your PowerVU keys, press 8282 on your 4920 series decoders, or F1 8282 for 4950 series decoders, to bring up the BISS keys interface. Navigate through the various encryption services and locate PowerVU. Input the correct keys obtained from site provided above, and enjoy your premium sports and entertainment.

Hope this has been helpful. Be blessed.6d09a804ef598f6853b5b4d6a49499b1

Download the latest software for your ChampionTV decoder here. Tuesday, 10th November may be the last day for you to access ChampionTV without this important upgrade.

If you still experience problems after running this software, you may have to allow an OTA download on your decoder. To do this, simply select the ChamptionTV channel, and reboot the decoder. You will be prompted with an OTA download message to which you will respond Yes or allow. Your decoder would receive the software over the air, and restart. Your channels should be back up for your enjoyment


For all the adept football lovers, as you may already have heard, Champion TV is the latest satellite TV network that serves live-football broadcasting channels along with many other interesting Entertainment channels. Champion TV, headquartered in Ghana, is a leading provider of transmission solutions for Video and Audio. Champion provides an array of advanced solutions to broadcasters, Pay TV operators, and Free to air operators.

decoder 2

While providing these services, Champion Broadcasting operates a TV network across Africa and the Middle East known as Champion TV. This satellite TV network beams directly from the Yamal 402 satellite at 55 degrees East, with a Southern Beam that covers the entire Africa. There are over 15 Channels, including Top TV2, Redlight (Adult Channel) and Champion TV – which shows live football matches). Other channels available presently include TPA 1, TPA 2, CVV, Racing Yamal, LoveworldSat, among other interesting movie and news channels.
Below is a sample programme line-up on Champion TV channel


decoder 1

Champion ideally requires a dish size of about 85-90 cm to install. However, most people in certain parts of West Africa and the Middle East could still track and obtain the champion signal with smaller size dishes. Beginning from the 20th of August, new channels including the History Channel, Biafra and Boomerang will be tested for activation, while two new sports channels will be added very soon in addition to the champion TV channel, bringing the total number of sports channels to 3. These sports channels will be showing matches from the EPL, La Liga, French League, Serie A and the Champions League.

Unlike DStv, no subscription is required after installation. The principle is Install and Enjoy. Remember, you cannot watch Champion channels without a Champion decoder. Picture clarity is topnotch (+ Decoder is HD). You’ll definitely love it. It’s time to get yours now. We ship to any part of Africa, and our system is safe. Contact us today and get yourself a Champion Decoder for a beautiful viewing experience. We look forward to hearing from you.
decoder 3

Rhema Network Solutions

CCcam is a a protocol that enables server/ client communications for the purpose of sharing digital electronic control strings that are used on some digital media platforms. It is a kind of cardsharing protocol, where “sharing” simply means the right to access digital packages by connecting to a CCcam cardsharing server via the Internet. The main function of such server is to transfer the encrypted channel codes over a network to computers(and other IP enabled devices) connected to that server. 

If you have at least a hundred channels, you might have realized not all are Free-To-Air. Some of them are obviously locked/scrambled/encrypted. And they are encrypted because you didn’t pay the satellite provider to make them available for your viewing pleasure. Now, your standard satellite receiver will show only those channels that you paid for, there’s no way it can decrypt (unlock) channels at no cost since it wasn’t designed to support cardsharing or run CCcam protocol software. But, there are other models of satellite receivers which are cardshare-capable and a lot of of them are available these days.

One of the most popular choices is the Linux-based satellite receiver called the Dreambox. Once you get yourself hands on one of those bad boys, hook it up to the PC, download and  install the CCcam computer software, configure it and run it. The most popular on the African continent however would be the Strong HD decoders, from Strong Techonologies Ltd. Qsat decoeers also support cccam. Whichever of these decoders you have, if you can correctly configure cccam on the decoder, you will be able to establish a connection with the CCcam cardsharing server of your choice.Your receiver will be communicating with the server which in turn will be sending you the decrypted channel codes and key strings, meaning that you will gain a full access to the satellite TV channels which were previously unavailable. The cardsharing server shares the decrypted information obtained through a valid satellite subscription card with other users who are connected to it. The amount of obtainable channels depends on the area you live in, the direction your satellite dish is pointing at and its size. 

Now, finding a CCcam Server is not difficult, there are several on the internet. But finding a reliable, stable, and cost effective cam service is not always easy. Finding a server that provides access to local channels on the African continent is what matters to most people. Perhaps, you have tried all kinds of servers, but remain eternally disappointed. Perhaps, you have heard of servers that don’t work like they are praised and advertised. Help has come to you.

The common thing in Africa is football. And every lover of football knows the networks that provide the best services. And you and I know the charges are sometimes crazy. If these networks were really thinking about the ordinary man and not the bourgeoisie in society, they would likely reduce the cost of watching tv and enjoying some little entertainment. It’s always a perfect thing to do, if you have the money and can subscribe to a satellite network monthly or yearly to enjoy all you favourite programs. That’s absolutely perfect.

If you however are not like the politicians, the businessmen and the highly placed executives in society, CCcam might just be the solution to all the difficulty in accessing good tv programming. The best server on the continent of Africa, TV1, is here to help you out. Maybe you have already heard about tv1, but are not sure it works. Well, I am telling you this day that, it is the most reliable, stable and maintained server you can find anywhere in Africa. Channel zapping is like never before. Are you ready for a new digital experience?

Send a message to the Kalunda team leaving a short comment expressing interest and let us sort you out if you are ready to enjoy some good tv this season.

Relevant comments and questions are welcome. If you wish to leave a comment on the page, be advised that under no circumstances should you leave your email address or phone in a comment. Pls note that you do so at your own risk. Once you leave your comment, we shall receive your email address and contact you via email.

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